Responding to emergencies is part of the very nature of Monaco Aide et Présence. It was in an emergency context that MAP was created in December 1979, when a group of volunteers, led by Mrs. Le Du and Dr. Richard, decided to leave for Cambodia with 160 kg of medicines and 100 kg of medical supplies, in order to bring support and comfort to 3,300 refugees in a small isolated village in the jungle. Since this first mission, many others have followed, such as the reconstruction of villages following the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, the rehabilitation of schools destroyed by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, or the sending of food aid and medical supplies for the victims of the Var disaster. Responding to emergencies is thus part of our mission to help and be present with our beneficiaries. The years 2020 and 2021 have been marked by this notion of emergency, whether health on a global scale, or climate, and close to us in the Roya Valley with the Alex storm of 2020. In the face of these challenges, a rapid mobilisation of MAP through reconstruction efforts, provision of medicines and food aid, is a strong and integral part of the Association’s fibre.

sending emergency supplies to turkey and syria

Following the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023, MAP mobilised through the Pompiers du 06 of Grasse and Menton to invest in material and equipment needed to welcome refugees, such as refrigerators and freezers, survival kits, duvets, and basic foodstuffs. In total, a convoy of 8 tonnes left for Turkey on 15 March 2023. 8.480 €


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 27,000 children have been welcomed in Italy. The project aims to facilitate the process of reception of Ukrainian schoolchildren fleeing the war, to accompany them in the first phase of their school integration and at the same time to prepare the educational community so that it can welcome them in the best way. The first phase of the project, carried out by Mission Bambini in the cities of Milan and Padua in Italy, took place from April to June 2022, with 36 students in Padua in 7 different schools, 24 in Milan in 5 schools, and 250 teachers accompanied. The Ukrainian students, their families and the teaching staff were followed by Mission Bambini psychologists and interpreters through individual and group sessions.
The second phase began in September 2022 with a focus on high school students aged 11 to 14, who have more difficulty integrating. A field visit is scheduled for February 16-18, 2023 with members of the Department of Psychology at the University of Padua. 15.000 €

Humanitarian convoys to Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the firefighters of the 06 of Grasse and Menton for humanitarian aid have carried out three convoys in support of Ukrainian refugees and the population, with the support of MAP. Basic foodstuffs, clothing, blankets and sanitary products were delivered directly to the refugees, with the cooperation of local authorities. The next convoy mission is scheduled for early 2023.

Emergency assistance covid-19

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, MAP was able to respond to the emergency in the shortest possible time and provide support in various countries thanks to the dynamism and responsiveness of the Board of Directors.
In Brazil, emergency aid has been granted to Casa do Menor to help 300 vulnerable families with their food needs and basic health kits in response to the spread of the virus. 29.500 €
In India, emergency food aid was provided to 150 families for 6 months following successive confinements. A project to prevent the transmission of the virus to vulnerable children and their caregivers, including the provision of sanitary materials, the supply of food baskets for 100 families and the organization of awareness campaigns was also carried out. 16.738 €
In Moldova, assistance was provided to the Diaconia association to support the families most severely affected by the health crisis. 10.500 €
Through the 06 Firefighters, MAP supported vulnerable families in the area to cope with the initial containment. As part of the aid for the victims of storm Alex in Breil-sur-Roya, 32 other families who were supplied by the social grocery store received additional support. 20.538 €

SUPPORT following the double explosion in beirut

Following the deadly double explosion of August 4, 2020 in Beirut, which caused considerable human and material damage throughout the city with 215 dead and 6,500 injured, MAP supported Les Amis du Liban in sending containers of food and medicine €13,993, and in purchasing beds, mattresses, canes and electrocardiograms for the Ain Ebel hospital, in the south of the country, managed by the Lebanese Army. 6.767 €
The project to rehabilitate the École des Frères Saint-Joseph, where children of different origins from kindergarten to 12th grade attend school, was initiated in the wake of this tragic event.