From April 12 to 25, 2024, Mr. Nicolas Ryter, project coordinator, carried out a follow-up mission to all MAP-supported projects in Antananarivo and its outskirts, Ampefy, Ambanitsena and Tuléar in the south of the country.

For over 30 years, MAP has focused on education, supporting a number of initiatives in the country, such as Father Pedro Opeka’s Akamasoa project, with the construction of several large buildings that today provide schooling for over 2,000 pupils. More recently, the extension of the Collège Albert II d’Andalanitra, which was completed in 2022, has enabled an additional 500 students to access secondary education. More than 1,000 pupils are fed through the Ampefy and Ambanitsena school canteens, and continue their education in excellent conditions. Since 2002, MAP has been supporting these school canteens to prevent school dropouts and feed beneficiaries from the most disadvantaged families. Through MAP’s support for the Monaco Consulate in Madagascar, several dozen students have been pursuing higher education under a sustained scholarship program since 2014.

At the end of 2021, MAP supported the NGO Bel Avenir in a project to combat famine in the south of the country. This year, a project in support of the child protection platform is being supported, aimed at helping children and young people who have been victims of physical or sexual violence. Indeed, 30% to 50% of prostituted women and girls in Madagascar are aged between 10 and 17, and 25% of sex workers in Tuléar are minors. The increase in foreign tourists is significant in the sex tourism sector, especially in the tourist resort of Tuléar. The Child Protection Platform in Tuléar offers a range of solutions for these young people, including social welfare homes with psychological and health support, school support programs, nutritional education centers, emancipation activities through sport, art or music, and vocational training centers, where the teams focus on guaranteeing their well-being, education and safety, and helping them to rebuild and heal so that they can move towards a personal, educational or professional future.