since 1981
India is the second most populous country and the seventh largest in the world, with over 1.3 billion people. With an average HDI of 0.633, India remains one of the most unequal countries in economic and social terms, with a caste system accentuating these divisions. MAP is present in India through many successive projects. In 1981, in Madras, MAP financed the construction of St Joseph’s Clinic, with a crèche attached. In support of the Brothers of St Michael Orphanage in Coimbatore, MAP also covered the construction and running of 10 orphanages and 3 learning workshops until 2011. In 1989, MAP contributed to the construction of the Aayar Ambroise Shelter for non-repeat prisoners, where more than 1,000 beneficiaries per year were housed, educated and trained. From 1997 to 2015, MAP has strongly supported the Sinai Prayers House orphanage in Mamallapuram, by taking charge of its operation, the complete rehabilitation of the electrical installation and the installation of solar panels. In 2003, the St Leonard’s Clinic in Madurai was built. Following the 2007 tsunami in Konerikuppan, MAP financed a children’s home, a school and a kindergarten for more than 100 children, as well as an agricultural field with the drilling of a well. In the same year, in Dindigul, MAP launched the construction of a boarding school, Home of Love, for 200 girls with an orphanage-school for 100 boys the following year. In 2012, MAP supported the St. Anne’s Centre in Coimbatore, which serves 260 deaf and dumb children with disabilities. Since 2008, MAP has been supporting the Mass Trust, an organisation that looks after the health of 150 HIV/AIDS orphans on triple therapy in 100 rural villages in the Dindigul district.


In November 2016, the President, Mrs Donatella Campioni, and the Treasurer, Mr Frank Morel, visited the different villages with the field team, and were honoured by the visit of H.S.H. Princess Charlene. On this occasion, a 4x4 vehicle was donated to enable the operators to follow up with the families. Visit of Ms. Donatella Campioni, the President, in 2019 to 17 of the 96 villages in the Dindigul district supported by MAP/ MassTrust, to monitor the situation of children and families affected by HIV/AIDS on the ground. The next field mission is scheduled for the beginning of March in the presence of Ms Donatella Campioni and Mr Nicolas Ryter.

ongoing projects
Medical follow-up for 150 families with HIV/AIDS

The Masstrust programme, funded by MAP for more than 10 years, provides medical follow-up to 150 families in 96 villages in Dindigul district. HIV-positive families are often unwilling to take appropriate treatment for fear of being excluded from the world of work and facing constant discrimination. It is therefore a rigorous work of sensitisation and accompaniment that the team must provide not only to these families, but also at the level of entire villages to change the perception of people affected by HIV. Five Health Outreach Workers provide essential medical care on a daily basis, ensuring that appropriate antiretroviral and triple therapy is taken. But beyond this care, these women provide crucial emotional support, having themselves experienced the stigma and discrimination associated with AIDS.


Monitoring families and children affected by HIV/AIDS.


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