SINCE 2000

Mali, with an area of 1,241,238 km2 and a population of over 21 million, is one of the largest countries in Africa. With an HDI of 0.427, Mali ranks 184th and remains one of the poorest countries on the continent, and one of the most unstable with internal political unrest and high terrorist risks. Since 2000, MAP has been supporting the medical doctor Sister Anne Marie Salomon, who has been working for more than 30 years with the Nomadic populations of northern Mali. In 1988, she moved to Gossi and founded the “Desert Hospital”, which enables a whole population, mothers and children, to benefit from primary care and regular medical follow-up. In 2002, MAP built the “Princess Grace Dispensary” in Teberent and a few years later, the Teberent School for 100 children. A well was also drilled, allowing, among other things, the construction of the canteen and the vegetable garden to supply the pupils. From 2012, due to the political instability in the North of Mali, Sister Salomon will remain in Bamako from where she will run the Nomads’ Hospital and the dispensaries through nurses trained by her. MAP will continue to support it with funds for the training of nurses’ aides, the purchase of medicines and food for the hospital and the 6 health centres, and school supplies for the 4 bush schools. Sister Salomon came to visit us in 2022, and will now stay in France, as the situation in Mali does not allow her to return, but her nurses are the successors of her work. She continues to manage this from a distance.


Sister Salomon's visit to Monaco in May 2022.

ongoing projects

Supporting desert nurses

In her mission among the nomads in northern Mali, one of Sister Anne Marie Salomon’s main objectives is to train local medical staff in order to perpetuate her work.
After graduating from three years of study, the nurses work at the nomadic hospital in Gossi, or travel around the region with the donation of a motorbike to help the nomadic tribes. They provide care in bush clinics or in makeshift locations, and despite the instability in this part of the country, their work continues and is perpetuated every year. Since 2003, MAP has funded the training of five nurses, a laboratory technician and the purchase of motorbikes for each of them, to the tune of €12,000.



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