Nutritional support for 620 students

Since 2007, MAP has been running the dispensary in Mendida, a village located 94 km from the capital, in the Oromiya region. Every day, the dispensary welcomes the most vulnerable families in the village and offers medical care to around 100 malnourished women, children and babies.

Rehabilitation of the Kiev sports complex

Due to the war, most of the country’s sports facilities have been destroyed or are unprotected. In order to maintain the young generation of sportsmen and women, the gymnastics federation wants to bring promising gymnasts to Kiev in a specially protected structure.

Support for the integration of Ukrainian refugee children

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 27,000 children have been welcomed in Italy. The project aims to facilitate the process of welcoming Ukrainian schoolchildren fleeing war, supporting them in the first phase of their integration into the school system, and at the same time preparing the educational community to welcome them in the best possible way.