Construction of market garden wells with solar pumps

The project provides for the development of an agricultural site in the Agadez region through the installation of a solar-powered drainage system to contribute to the food security and income of producers. In Niger, access to water is a major concern, a problem exacerbated by global warming which requires a rethink of traditional well drilling. Indeed, it is now necessary to drill to a depth of 60 metres, as opposed to 18 metres previously, in order to access the water table. In the face of environmental challenges, agriculture under irrigation remains the main survival activity for local populations, associated with animal farming and breeding small ruminants. As part of this project, the agricultural sites have been chosen because of their fort potential for agricultural development based on solar energy, the possibility of developing fruit growing, and the high quality of the soil.ossibility of developing fruit farming, and the motivation of producers and their experiences with sustainable agricultural practices.



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