Post-Baccalaureate Full Academic Scholarship Program

After the construction of Rigaon Highschool in 2016, it was logical to support deserving and motivated bachelors wishing to pursue their academic or professional studies in Kathmandu or other major cities in Nepal. Indeed, during a mission in April 2015, a few days before the earthquake, a dozen senior students had expressed their desire to pursue higher education, supported by the school’s director, in order to then return to their village to contribute to its development. Our local coordinator, Premrose Tamang, based in Kathmandu, follows up on their studies and results, helps them find accommodation and visits them regularly. Since the beginning of the program, over 50 scholarships have been funded. The first fellow started teaching this year in his home village. One of the first science-medicine students became a health assistant and has now been working at the Gamrang clinic for 5 years. This sets an example for future generations.


Provide quality education to deserving students


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